The P0335 code indicates a circuit malfunction in the bank 1 crankshaft position sensor, one of the more critical sensors in many engines. It can influence the timing of your spark plug firing, and if this gets off, it can lead to misfires.

Fixing the P0335 trouble code is important, and you want to do it promptly. Read on below to learn how to diagnose and repair this potentially serious trouble code. 

P0335 Code Definition

P0335 Code Definition (Generic): Crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction (bank 1)

P0335 Honda Code Definition: Crankshaft position sensor “A” no signal

P0335 Hyundai Code Definition: Crankshaft position sensor “A” circuit

P0335 Mercedes Code Definition: Crankshaft position sensor “A” circuit malfunction

P0335 Mitsubishi Code Definition: Crankshaft position sensor circuit

P0335 Opel Code Definition: Crankshaft position sensor circuit malfunction

P0335 Toyota Code Definition: Crankshaft position sensor “A” circuit

What Does P0335 Mean?

The crankshaft position sensor tells the engine control module (ECM), where the crankshaft is located at any point in time. In many vehicles, this information tells the spark plugs when to fire and delivers fuel to the engine in the right amounts. 

The crankshaft position sensor is stationary. It works together with the reluctor ring attached to the crankshaft. The ring’s movement in front of the sensor creates the voltage wave to send to the ECM.

If the ECM doesn’t detect any voltage pulses from the crankshaft sensor, the P0335 trouble code is triggered. The reason could be a faulty sensor, but it may also be a problem with the reluctor ring, the wiring, or the circuit itself.

The P0335 OBD2 code relates specifically to the crankshaft position sensor on bank 1, also called sensor A. Bank 1 will be the side of your engine that contains cylinder 1. You may see it in conjunction with other codes related to the crankshaft position sensor, especially P0336-P0339.

Some vehicles use the crankshaft position sensor only for detecting misfires. In this case, it is a less serious code and is unlikely to be accompanied by drivability symptoms. Suppose the crankshaft position sensor controls the spark plug timing. In that case, activation of the P0335 trouble code will enable your car’s failsafe mode, making it especially important to find the root of the problem as soon as you can.

What Are The Symptoms Of The P0335 Code?

The presence and severity of symptoms vary greatly between makes and models. Possible symptoms include:

  • Activation of the check engine light
  • Stalls or hesitation from the engine
  • Hard starts
  • Rough running and misfires
  • Reduced gas mileage
  • Reduced engine power
  • The engine won’t start

What Are The Causes Of P0335?

  • A faulty or damaged crankshaft position sensor
  • Damaged reluctor ring
  • Damaged or loose wires around crankshaft position sensor
  • The shorted or open sensor output
  • The short or open ground in the wiring harness
  • Broken or skipped timing belt/timing chain
  • Faulty ECM or PCM

How Serious Is The P0335 Code?

The P0335 trouble code is very serious if you’re experiencing any drivability symptoms. Continuing to drive could cause long-term engine damage, and your car will possibly not start until you’ve fixed the issue. 

If the only symptom is the activation of the check engine light, P0335 is of moderate severity. It will help if you still repair it as soon as possible, but you can drive your car in the interim.

How To Diagnose The P0335 Code

Tools You’ll Need:


  1. If your engine will turn on, use the OBD2 scan tool to check if you’re getting an RPM reading. Rev the engine while in the park and check if the reading changes. 
  2. Inspect the wiring harness and all wires connected to the crankshaft sensor for damage. Ensure that all connections are secure.
  3. Check the reluctor ring and timing chain/timing belt for damage. Replace or repair as needed.
  4. Remove the crankshaft position sensor and inspect the tip for metal shavings or other damage. You may be able to wipe the metal shavings away, but if the sensor is badly damaged, it needs replacing.
  5. Test the crankshaft sensor’s wires with a digital multimeter set to DC voltage at a low range. Turn on your ignition without starting your engine and touch the multimeter’s black lead to the negative battery post. Test each wire by touching the red lead to it. One wire should read a reference voltage of 1.5 volts. If it doesn’t, the wiring harness is faulty.
  6. If the wiring is good, use the multimeter to test your sensor. Reinstall the crankshaft position sensor but leave the electrical connector unplugged. Set your multimeter to Ohms and touch one lead to each sensor pin. An infinite reading indicates an open circuit, while a zero reading indicates a short.
  7. Read the wave pattern from your crankshaft position sensor. The vehicle’s manual will tell you what the resistance reading should be. If the reading is outside specifications, the crankshaft position sensor is likely faulty.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Diagnosing The P0335 Code

A faulty crankshaft position sensor is the most common cause of P0335, but you should still conduct a full diagnosis before replacing it. Don’t overlook the timing belt, reluctor ring, or wiring harness in your rush to repair the issue. 

What Should You Do To Fix The Code P0335? 

  1. Replace any faulty wiring or damaged components found in your diagnosis.
  2. Replace the crankshaft position sensor and re-check the resistance reading and wave pattern.
  3. If you’ve followed the full diagnosis above and the code still will not clear, you may have a more serious electrical issue. Take your vehicle to a mechanic for further diagnosis.
How to fix the P0335 code

Tips To Avoid P0335 In The Future

Wiring problems can lead to issues with the sensors and are among the leading causes of the P0335 trouble code. You can help keep your engine in good repair by making sure your wires are always connected securely. Anti-corrosion treatments can also help to prevent damage to the wiring.

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