P0017: Crankshaft Position – Camshaft Position Correlation (Bank 1 Sensor B)

Imagine starting your car engine or driving down the road and you notice the “check engine light” on. After an OBD2 scan, the P0017 pops up. But, what’s the next move?

Let’s find out.

  • P0017 Definition: Crankshaft Position – Camshaft Position Correlation (Bank 1 Sensor B)
  • Code type: Generic – P0017 indicates the same problem whether you’re having a Mercedes, Hyundai, Ford, etc.          
  • Can I drive with the P0017 code? No, you can’t. It can cause severe damage to your engine.
  • Is it easy to fix? Intermediate to advanced levels.
  • Cost: $25 – $100 (common)

To understand the P0017 code better, I have narrowed this article into four parts: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and solutions.

So, keep reading to learn more about this trouble code. 

What Does The P0017 Code Mean?

Code P0017 indicates misalignment between crankshaft and camshaft position sensors (in bank 1 sensor B.) When the camshaft is greater than 9 degrees advanced, or 12 degrees retarded, compared to the crankshaft, P0017 is set.

  • Bank 1: The issue occurs in the engine side having cylinder 1.
  • Sensor B: The issue is found on the exhaust camshaft side.

Crankshaft vs. Camshaft

The crankshaft and camshaft are connected with a timing chain located at the end of the engine. 

  • Camshaft: Allow the air-fuel mixture to enter the combustion chamber and releases the burnt exhaust gas. 
  • Crankshaft: Harness the engine’s torque to rotate the camshaft.

These two shafts must have perfect timing for optimum control of the combustion. If the correlation is off, it leads to power loss, engine overheating, misfire, etc. 

Engine timing

To prevent the correlation from going off, the engine timing must be controlled with the help of various parts:

  • Timing belt/chain.
  • VVT sprocket.
  • Timing belt tensioner.
  • Oil control valves.
  • Camshafts and crankshafts solenoid.
  • Camshafts and crankshafts.

In case any of the above parts goes wrong, it leads to the P0017 code popping up.

Other related trouble codes of P0017 include P0016, P0008, P0014, P0009, and P0019.

P0017 code all information.

P0017 Causes Identification: Quick View

The P0017 code can occur either solely or in combinations with other related codes.

Refer to the table below to identify the root causes and solutions of P0017 and its related codes.

Codes combinationCausesSolutions
P0017 onlyFaulty or damaged timing chain/belt 

Faulty camshaft/crankshaft position sensor 

Damaged wiring/connectors to crank/cam sensor 

Damaged timing belt/chain tensioner 

Slipped or broken cam/crank sensor tone ring 

Dirty/Low engine oil 

Faulty CMP actuator/exhaust VVT sprocket 

Bad PCM (rare)
Fix/Replace timing chain/belt 

Replace camshaft/crankshaft position sensor 

Repairing wiring/connectors to crank/cam sensor 

Replace timing belt/chain tensioner 

Change the cam/crank sensor tone ring 

Change/Add engine oil/Clean oil filter/oil cap

Fix CMP actuator/exhaust VVT sprocket 

Replace PCM
P0017 + P0016Bad oil control valve (VVT solenoid)Replace oil control valve (VVT solenoid)
P0017 + P0008Faulty or damaged timing chain/belt 

Dirty VVT solenoid 

Dirty/Low engine oil
Fix/Replace timing chain/belt 

Clean VVT solenoid

Change engine oil
P0017 + P0014Dirty/Low engine oil           

Faulty camshaft position sensor 

Bad oil control valve (VVT solenoid)
Change engine oil 

Replace camshaft position sensor  

Replace oil control valve (VVT solenoid)
P0017 + P0016 + P0018 + P0019Loose timing chain/beltFix timing chain/belt

Note: The causes for each code combination are the most common ones. There can be some uncommon issues hidden under those codes

P0017: Causes, Symptoms, And How To Fix

Regardless of the causes, the common symptoms of P0017 include:

  • Check engine light on.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Reduced engine performance.
  • Engine noise and misfires (severe condition).
  • Rough accelerations.
  • Hard start engine problems.

Read further to identify the causes (from the most to least common) of P0017 with their relevant repairs.

Causes #1: Faulty or damaged timing chain /belt

engine timing belt

The most common cause of the P0017 code is a faulty timing chain/belt.

In this situation, the timing chain/belt affects the engine timing, causing the P0017 code to pop up. 

Other related codes may sometimes show, including P0016, P0018, and P0019.

In this case, replacing the defective timing chain/belt is the best option. 

You can check this video about how to change the car timing belt from the Scotty.

Causes #2: Faulty camshaft/crankshaft position sensor

Damage in the camshaft/crankshaft sensor is another possible cause of the P0017 code.

The unique symptoms you’re likely to notice in this particular cause include:

  • Inconsistent sensor signals.
  • Engine stalling.
  • Car surging.
  • “Limp mode” on, causing gear shifting problems.

Replacing the damaged camshaft/crankshaft position sensor solves this problem. This process requires an expensive scan tool to relearn the sensors (which I highly doubt that you have one.) Therefore, I suggest you bring your car to a mechanic to handle it.

The easy way to test the camshaft and crankshaft sensor is by Ratchets And Wrenches.
Gettin’ Junk Done and how to replace camshaft and crankshaft position sensor.

Causes #3: Damaged wiring/connectors to crank/cam sensor

A damaged wiring/connector to the crank/cam sensor leads to a failing cam/crank sensor. In return, it causes intermittent problems, which the PCM detects, thus throwing the P0017 code. The symptoms for this cause are the same as for a faulty crank/cam sensor.

In some cases, a damaged crank/cam sensor wiring can also result in a combination of the P0017 and P0014 code errors.

So, it is worth inspecting the wiring connections and ensuring there are no damaged or burnt wires. If any, replace them, and you will see the code error disappearing.

Watch this video to know how to change the crankshaft/camshaft sensor connector
(by Kamal Akeel.)

Causes #4: Bad oil control valve (VVT solenoid)

oil control valve
A bad oil control valve (VVT solenoid) alters retarding and advancing of the valve timing as needed.

A bad oil control valve (VVT solenoid) alters retarding and advancing of the valve timing as needed. In return, the engine develops oil flow problems which lead to the P0017 code manifesting. Also, the engine exhibits performance problems such as poor acceleration and rough running.

Nevertheless, the P0017 code error will sometimes appear in combination with P0014 or P0016.

In this case, replacing the bad oil control valve (VVT solenoid) is the best action you should take to do away with P0017.

Watch this video to learn how to diagnose the oil control valve.

Causes #5: Damaged timing belt/chain tensioner

Engine timing components
Anything going wrong with the timing belt/chain tensioner affects the timing belt.

Anything going wrong with the timing belt/chain tensioner affects the timing belt. As a result, the cam and crank connection is interrupted, causing the pistons and valves to fail, thus, triggering the P0017 code. The symptoms of this issue are similar to those of a damaged timing belt/chain.

Apart from the common symptoms, the P0017 code may sometimes show in combination with the P0008 code.

The best way to solve this problem is to replace the timing belt/chain tensioner.

The way to change the tensioner is by AutoZone.

Causes #6: Slipped or broken cam/crank sensor tone ring

Slipped or broken cam/crank sensor tone ring interrupts the magnetic sensor from taking correct readings. As a result, the ECU indicates an inaccurate crank/cam position, thus triggering the P0017 code. 

In this situation, changing the cam/crank sensor tone ring is the best solution. The process is simple as you can do it without special tools. However, you can call for mechanic assistance if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself.

Causes #7: Dirty/ Low engine oil

The debris in an engine oil clogs the cam/crank, thus turning off the engine timing. Also, a low-quality engine oil fails to lubricate the engine parts properly. As a result, engine overheating occurs as well as breaking the rods which also turns off the engine timing.

Besides triggering the P0017 code, it can as well cause a combination of the P0017 with P0008 or P0014 codes.

Engine oil level and color testing
Change the engine oil if it’s dark brown.

If this is the case, pouring down the engine oil and replacing it with a pure one is advisable. Also, you should develop a schedule in which you will be changing the engine oil without letting it overstay.

Before changing or adding the oil, it is advisable to clean the oil filter/oil cap. And if the oil filter/oil cap goes wrong, change it.

Watch video: How to change oil by yourself for any car in just 5 minutes by 1A Auto.

Causes #8: Faulty CMP/VVT actuator/exhaust VVT sprocket

VVT actuator
A faulty CMP actuator/exhaust VVT sprocket hinders the valve timing from retarding or advancing as needed.

but the best option is to replace it. 

VVT actuator replacement: DIY Guide Video around 30 minutes by ChrisFix.

Causes #9: Bad PCM (rare)

If you still see the P0017 code after solving all other causes, then check the PCM. Remember, the PCM is the main engine computer that ensures everything happening in the engine is perfect.

So, a bad PCM can trigger various trouble codes, although it rarely occurs. It can cause the P0017 code to pop up only or together with P0016.

If PCM is the problem, you should visit a mechanic shop for a replacement. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Code P0017?

You can fix most causes of the P0017 code by yourself with a few bucks. For instance, a new cam/crank position sensor can cost about $25-$100.

If you don’t feel comfortable replacing the parts, then a qualified mechanic comes in handy. The cost of hiring the mechanic can vary based on personal rates, but you can expect to pay between $95 and $200.

The Estimated Repair Cost Of P0017

Replacing the faulty timing chain / beltDIY: $20 – $150
Mechanic: $95 – $200
Replacing faulty or damaged camshaft / crankshaft position sensorDIY: $20 -$100
Mechanic: $95 – $200
Replacing damaged wiring / connectors to crank / cam sensorDIY: $15 – $50
Mechanic: $100 – $250
Replacing bad oil control valve (VVT solenoid)DIY: $20 – $150
Mechanic: $210 – $250
Replacing damaged timing belt / chain tensionerDIY: $20 – $200
Mechanic: $500 – $2000
Replacing slipped or broken cam / crank sensor tone ringDIY: $20 – $100
Mechanic: $95 – $200
Changing dirty / Add engine oilDIY: $20 – $70
Mechanic: $40 – $120
Replacing faulty CMP actuator / exhaust VVT sprocketDIY: Not recommended
Mechanic: $450 – $1630
Replacing bad PCMDIY: Not recommended
Mechanic: $1000 – $3000

Note: The data provided in this table is dated June 2022. The exact cost of each solution can vary depending on various factors such as mechanic rates, vehicle models, etc.

You Ask, I Answer

I hope this article helps you understand why you see the P0017 code error. If so, now you can identify the causes of the code and find a quick solution that saves you time and money. 

However, if you still have any disturbing questions about the P0017 code, don’t hesitate to comment in the comment box. For sure, I will respond as soon as I see it.

Similarly, you can comment and share your story if you had the P0017 code before. That way, you educate others who can apply your trick and solve these trouble codes.

See ya!

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